About us

Flexcast Mouldings Inc.


Since 1998

Flexcast Mouldings Inc., has been wowing customers with the quality and selection of its custom moulding products.
The experts at Flexcast Moulding have many years of experience in manufacturing and installing mouldings for residential and commercial applications. The company prides itself on the quality and selection of its mouldings, affordable pricing and outstanding customer service.


Choosing the right moulding

The right moulding can add a dazzling dimension to any interior or exterior site. Flexcast Moulding architectural exterior and interior moulding is carved from expanded polystyrene foam( EPS, which is coated with highly flexible cementitious coating and reinforced with high-strength fibreglass mesh.


Elegantly sculpted headers

columns, pilasters, cornices, keystones and trims are all manufactured at the company’s Toronto-based production facility. Other moulding types include sills, bands, arches, quoins, headers, capital and bases. The EPS moulding can be designed to fit on both new and existing structures, and they can be applied to stucco, brick, stone, masonry and other surfaces.